Emotional Fitness Bootcamp

Master Your Moods

A 5-week masterclass in mental health and emotional fitness lead by psychologist Dr. Nick Wignall

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Are painful emotions holding you back from a better life?

Many of our biggest struggles in life stem from difficult emotions:

  • Does irritability or defensiveness often interfere with important relationships in your life like a spouse, partner, or boss?
  • Do anxiety and fear frequently hold you back from the goals and commitments you set for yourself?
  • Maybe a negative and judgmental inner voice keeps you feeling chronically unworthy and ashamed?

Whatever your specific goals and challenges are, Emotional Fitness Bootcamp will give you the tools you need to manage even the most difficult moods and emotions so you can become the best version of yourself.

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Create More Satisfying and Intimate Relationships

Learn to communicate effectively even when your emotions are “running hot.”

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Quiet Your Negative Thoughts and Self-talk

Discover true peace of mind by retraining your brain’s automatic negative self-talk.

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Build Your Mental Toughness and Emotional Resilience

Avoid destructive negative spirals and learn to bounce back after stress and anxiety.

Increase Your Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Stop fighting against difficult emotions and learn how to work with them instead.

Alumni Feedback

What Our Graduates Are Saying

The masterclass was fabulous! Anyone with a current emotional struggle will find tools, exercises, a like-minded group of peers, and a very effective guide and communicator in Nick.

— Linda Hastings

Emotional Fitness Bootcamp gave me easy ways to improve my emotional fitness without going into therapy or leaving the house. If you are short on time but recognize the importance of keeping the mind healthy just like the body, then this is just perfect for you.

— Aarathy Kulathunkal

The bootcamp helped me gain a much clearer view of my emotions and introduced me to a number of practical tools and exercises which I have already put into practice.

— Barry Moylan

My biggest “aha” moment was recognizing the inaccuracy of my thoughts. I’ve become more aware of my emotions and self-talk, and how they can trigger unnecessary problems. It’s never too late to change when willing. Knowledge is a wonderful thing!

— Eva Holtzer

Course Features

Emotional Fitness Bootcamp is Different. Here’s Why

Condensing years of psychological training with experience on the cutting edge of education, Emotional Fitness Bootcamp is far more than just another online course. Here are some of the key features:

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Weekly Group Coaching Workshops

Live interactive sessions over Zoom where you can ask questions and work through your unique obstacles and sticking points in a supportive community of peers along with the expert guidance of Dr. Wignall.

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Advanced Training Seminars

Once you’ve worked through the fundamentals, you’ll get ongoing access to deep-dive training seminars with Dr. Wignall on topics like Effective Emotional Communication, Building a Mindfulness Practice that Lasts, Cognitive Restructuring, and more.

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Private Community

Our private Circle community is an easy place to ask questions, share tips and advice, find encouragement and motivation, and connect with your peers and Dr. Wignall.

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Practical Lessons and Exercises

Each week you’ll get access to new lessons and exercises full of practical tips and thought-provoking ideas to help you manage your difficult emotions in a healthy and effective way.

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Lifetime Access and Alumni Benefits

Revisit specific lessons and exercises online anytime and forever. You’ll also get free access to new content that’s added over time.

Who’s behind the course?

Hi, I’m Nick.

Emotional Fitness Bootcamp was created and is lead by Dr. Nick Wignall, a licensed psychologist and trained expert in behavioral science and human psychology.

In addition to his clinical work as a psychologist and therapist, Dr. Wignall is also a prolific writer and educator on topics from mental health and behavior change to relationships and personal growth.

His work has been featured in:

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How It Works

The Details

Emotional Fitness Bootcamp is a 5-week masterclass designed to be both comprehensive yet doable—even for those with busy schedules and responsibilities.

WEEK 1: Orientation

The first week is designed to be a kind of orientation that will introduce you to the key topics covered as well as the logistics of accessing course content and materials.

  • Monday: Welcome and Overview
  • Tuesday: The Case for Emotional Fitness
  • Wednesday: The 7 Laws of Emotional Intelligence
  • Thursday: The Life-Changing Power of Self-Talk
  • Friday: Assertiveness and the Courage to Live Authentically

WEEKs 2-4: Bootcamp

Each week, we’ll cover a core skillset for emotional wellbeing so that by the end, you’re well-equipped to handle any emotional challenge.

  • Week 2: Jumpstart Your Self-Awareness
  • Week 3: Taking Control of Negative Self-Talk
  • Week 4: Assertiveness and Emotional Communication

Bootcamp Schedule

Each week of Bootcamp will follow a similar schedule:

  • Mondays: First Lesson and Reflection Questions
  • Tuesdays: Exercise Walk-Through
  • Wednesdays: Second Lesson and Reflection Questions
  • Thursdays: Third Lesson and Reflection Questions
  • Fridays: Group Coaching Workshop

WEEKs 5: Advanced Training

The final week is Advanced Training. You’ll be able to participate in a deep-dive training seminar with Dr. Wignall in a variety of possible topics including:

  • Cognitive Restructuring: The Ultimate Tool for Retraining Negative Self-Talk
  • Mindfulness That Lasts: Creating a Mindfulness Practice You’ll Actually Stick To
  • Confident Confrontations: How to Deal with Difficult Emotions in Your Most Important Relationships

Join the Waitlist

Get Notified When the Course Opens

Emotional Fitness Bootcamp is currently closed for enrollment. If you would like to be notified when the next enrollment period begins, you can join Dr. Wignall’s email list here and be added to the waitlist:

Purchase for $199

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Emotional Fitness Bootcamp take to complete?

The active portion of the program runs for five weeks. However, you’ll have ongoing access to all the course material and community forever.

How much time will I need to dedicate on a daily or weekly basis?

Emotional Fitness Bootcamp is designed to be comprehensive, but even more importantly, doable—even for busy professionals, parents, and students:

  • During the initial orientation week (week 1), you’ll only need to spend 5-10 minutes per day watching the introductory videos—one each weekday.
  • During the three weeks of Bootcamp (weeks 2-4), most weekdays will include 5-10 minutes of lesson content, plus one hour-long live group coaching session on Fridays. You should also count on spending 10-15 minutes per day practicing the week’s exercise, although the timing of this is up to you.
  • During the final week of Advanced Training (week 5), there will be four 60-minute Advanced Training Seminars.

How much does Emotional Fitness Bootcamp cost?

The current cost is $199.

How long will I have access to Emotional Fitness Bootcamp?

In addition to the five-week active portion of the course, you’ll have lifetime access to all course material, including new content which is usually added at least once a year. You’ll also get access to ongoing alumni benefits like a special alumni-only section of our online community, Zoom meet-ups, and more.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes. On the checkout page, you’ll be able to choose whether to pay with a credit card (via Stripe) or PayPal.

What if I’m unhappy with the course?

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is Emotional Fitness Bootcamp like therapy or counseling?

Emotional Fitness Bootcamp is not a substitute for professional medical or mental health treatment. If you’re struggling with a mental health issue, talk to your doctor about appropriate diagnostic and treatment options.

Why is there a waitlist?

Emotional Fitness Bootcamp is only open for enrollment several times per year in order to offer adequate support for new course members.

I don’t live in the U.S… Will time zones be an issue in terms of attending live sessions?

Most live sessions occur mid-morning EST in order to accommodate the widest range of time zones. The live sessions are an integral component of Emotional Fitness Bootcamp, so if you think you’ll be unable to attend the majority of them, it might be best to wait and join a future cohort when your schedule is more amenable.

If I do miss a live session, will video replays be available afterward?

Yes, all live sessions will be available to watch or review immediately after the session occurs.

I have a question you haven’t addressed…

Send me an email at hello@nickwignall.com and I’ll do my best to answer it.

Get Notified When Enrollment Opens

Emotional Fitness Bootcamp is currently closed for enrollment. If you would like to be notified when the next enrollment period begins, you can join Dr. Wignall’s email list here and be added to the waitlist:

Purchase for $199